What do we know about pain?

According to Western Medicine Classification, there are three Sources of Pain: injury, rheumatoid and other. This illustrates how little is understood about the “nature of pain.” In Traditional Chinese Medicine, pain is associated with stagnant, blocked Qi and relieving it focuses on returning free flow of Qi in the Body. The question that comes to mind is “What is the purpose of pain?” In Integrative Medicine, the approach to pain is seen as a way of informing us about an energetic block. Mind and Body are intricately interconnected, and the State of Mind influences our physical Body. Mental States affect the flow of Energy in physical Body. Therefore, ‘pain’ can inform us about problems and imbalances not only in physical Body, yet on Mental and Emotional levels. It’s a valuable early warning system that something’s out of balance, and when it gets ignored-covered up with medication without addressing its Root Cause(s), the pain intensifies like an alarm sound which rings louder and louder. Therefore, it’s important to listen to the messages sent to us from the Body and if we don’t understand the language in which it communicates, to find someone who can help to translate.

How to quickly relieve pain?

Pain offers valuable information about the State of Body, Mind and Emotions and as such should be looked into and its Causes explored and addressed. However, for many people the pain becomes so severe that this exploration can be significantly hindered due to its intensity, and finding a way to relieve pain becomes a pressing matter.

Currently the go to solution are considered pain killers – pharmaceutical substances blocking pain receptors. The pain’s still there, yet we no longer feel it when taking pills. This approach makes sense in acute cases like post injury, yet isn’t effective or healthy for chronic pain conditions such as pharmacological substances strain liver and kidneys which are addictive and damaging long-term.

The Natural and Complementary Medicine approach to pain (especially chronic pain with no clear causes) is multi-faceted and looks at addressing many contributing factors such as stress, poor diet, high levels of toxicity, chronic inflammation in cells (metabolic syndrome). This approach addresses causes of the pain, yet is slow and takes long time to take effect.

Both Allopathic and Natural approaches agree that gentle movement, stretching and strengthening in combination with deep breathing can significantly reduce musculoskeletal pain – the most common. Which also takes a number of Sessions to be effective.

There is however a middle ground solution, where the relief can be near immediate and doesn’t involve pharmaceuticals. The solution comes in the form of pain genie scenery – a Device, researched by Russian Space Program Scientists using Electricity. This Device uses the Chinese Medicine Principles of blocked Qi as a source of pain, and by returning free flow of energy in meridians. The relief can last from hours up to years, especially with regular Sessions.

If that sounds interesting, come to our Evening Presentation on Thursday 14th November where you can learn more about technology behind it and test for yourself.