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Dr. Forbes has a deep and extensive knowledge of human health, having studied and practised a wide variety of treatment approaches in the world of Natural Medicine alongside Conventional Medicine. Having specialised in Integrative Medicine, an approach that addresses the root cause of illness, she offers personalised drug-free treatment programmes.

  • Medical Tests
  • Integrative Medicine
  • IV Nutrient Therapy
  • Gut Health & Skin Health
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Detoxification Clinic
  • Plasmolifting
  • IV Nutrient Therapy

Anna deals with

  • Stress and Anxiety, Burn out
  • Boosting Natural Immunity
  • Gut health
  • Weight management
  • Pain clinic
  • Skin health
  • Post injury recovery  
  • Women’s Health
  • Mental Health
  • Natural Cosmetic treatment
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E.
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • EMF hypersensitivity
  • Children health
  • Cardiovascular Disease, Hypertension and Hypercholesterolaemia
  • Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
  • Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome
  • Post-chemotherapy detox and replenishment 
  • Medically unexplained symptoms

Integrative Medical Doctor

UK-trained medical doctor in Integrative Medicine, which combines the best of Conventional and Natural Medicines. 

*Total Clinical Detox and Replenishment Programme, blood tests, Nutritionist.

Dr. Forbes is a a specialist in the use of Intravenous Nutrient Therapy and Plasmolifting.

Intravenous Nutrient Therapy enables complete system detoxification and nutrient replenishment. Dr. Forbes as a part of Orassy Health, is the first to introduce Plasmolifting to the UK, a unique and incredible therapy that utilises the body’s own plasma as a natural healing agent to restore the body’s tissues.

Integrative Medicine is an increasingly popular approach that combines the best of Conventional Medicine and Natural Medicine. Addressing the root causes of illness allows us to support the body to return to a healthy balanced state. It is well-documented that the causes of illness are often related to toxicity, nutritional deficiency, and psycho-emotional factors.

Why Is This Needed?

Iatrogenesis is the third leading cause of death in the US and the UK, after heart disease and cancer. Iatrogenesis refers to causation by medication or physicians. Many are now looking for alternatives to the current health paradigm, and would prefer a medical approach that truly abides by the Hippocratic pledge to ‘First Do No Harm’. This is very difficult to achieve when we come from the perspective of ‘fighting’ disease. Instead, we can turn our attention to supporting the body to do what it naturally knows how to do best. This is the premise for Integrative Medicine.

Disease always has a cause. One moment it isn’t there, and the next moment it is. Something has caused it. Sometimes we know the cause, sometimes we don’t. It doesn’t mean there isn’t a cause, and it’s just our ‘luck’, simply because we haven’t figured it out yet. So, we can cut out diseased parts using surgery, which carries risk and can throw the body out of its natural balance further, causing other problems. Alternatively, we can divert the path of disease through medication, but it is just a diversion process, which is why there is always a long list of possible side effects with every drug. Essentially this list describes ‘all the systems this drug interferes with to be able to minimise the specific symptom that’s being targeted’. 

There is an ever-increasing dissatisfaction with the current medical model of over-medication and a focus on symptom-management, as opposed to disease resolution. Conventional Medicine can be life-saving, and is incredible with structural problems such as bone fractures. The problem is it is used indiscriminately for all chronic (long-term) disease too. Chronic disease is much better approached from an Integrative Medical perspective.

Integrative Medicine works to optimise the body’s innate ability to return to a healthy balanced state, which is all the body is ever trying to do! Almost every physical symptom we experience is purely the body’s natural response in its effort to return itself to the normal healthy state. For example, the five cardinal signs of inflammation are pain, redness, swelling, heat, and loss of function. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to harmful stimuli (e.g. pathogens, damaged cells, and irritants)- it is trying to remove them from the body so that they don’t cause further damage. Instead of supporting our body in this process, we often oppose it! We give anti-inflammatories, steroids, and other drugs that suppress the immune system. We feel better in the short-term, but all of these carry their own lengthy side effect profiles, and at the same time, we allow the harmful substances and toxins to remain in the body. Many serious diseases are known to be linked with toxins causing damage. Cancer is on the rise all the time, and cancer is associated with cellular damage. Heart disease and stroke are associated with damage to arterial walls. There are many other associations.

Why I became a doctor

I had wanted to be a doctor from the age of 13. All through school and my early university years my heart was set on Psychiatry. The workings of the human mind fascinated me, and I had a natural ‘counsellor’ tendency among friends and family, so I thought that one day I might be able to help others on a wider scale.

Why I became an Integrative Medical Doctor

During my fourth year of Medical School we began our clinical attachments, and I was given my first professional glimpse into the world of Psychiatry. It shocked me! The consultant Psychiatrist I was under, clearly had problems with stress, mood, and social skills. The treatment approach for the inpatients seemed so backward to me. The patients still appeared so unwell, despite their treatment. Overall it did not look to be a successful, or rewarding, branch of medicine at all. The experience had put me off the idea of Psychiatry altogether.

My next wake-up call was during my first surgical attachment at Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge. I was working long hours on the hepato-biliary unit as a junior doctor. We were continually under intense time pressure. 14-16-hour days, and food breaks were a rare luxury due to time constraints. I remember that even time to drink water was limited. It was ‘the surgical ethos’ I was told, you just got on with it. Both my registrar and my fellow junior developed heart arrhythmias during my time there. It was tough. The silver lining was that it was a top specialist unit, so we received excellent clinical experience. I remember the moment that it dawned on me that there was a pattern to what I was seeing. I was starting to notice that patients with different mindsets and attitudes towards their illness and their recovery had different outcomes. Despite coming into the unit with the exact same diagnosis and stage of disease, I began to see that those with more of a ‘fighting spirit’ and positive outlook, would have shorter stays, recover more quickly, and have fewer complications from surgery and infection, compared to those with a more fearful, anxious, or negative outlook. I found this fascinating. I began to ask my seniors about it and they were totally disinterested and dismissive of any association. I now understand that it was because these less mechanical factors are a part of being human that doctors cannot control, or even ‘do’ much about at all!

It was following this that I began to explore what else could be done beyond the confines of the modern medical approach to help people improve their health and mental status. I began to read about Positive Psychology and other self-help strategies. I became interested in the role of the subconscious in the development of disease and trained in Medical Hypnosis, cognitive therapy, kinesiology, and Psychoanalysis, practising as a psychotherapist alongside my medical work. 

In 2009 I met the director of the Orassy centre, Konstantin Pavlidis. With a wealth of experience and at the top of his field in a multitude of natural health therapies, he is also a scientist and has developed approaches to explain natural healing phenomena through Quantum Physics. I was introduced to a range of cutting edge quantum and medical devices that can reflect an individual’s causative factors relating to their current health status, the likes of which I had never seen before.

In 2011 I completed the UK’s first university training programme in Integrative Medicine, which opened me up to many other natural and scientific therapeutic approaches. I did my elective as part of this in Beijing, and interviewed patients that had practised Medical Qigong after conventional medicine had failed them. All of them had had curative results, it was incredible. I was fortunate enough to have the Chinese research translated for me when I was out there as it wasn’t in English at that time. It was observational data only, but the results were impressively unlike anything I had seen from other medical research. 

How my clinical practice evolved

After my diploma, I furthered my interest in the role of Nutritional and Functional Medicine. I began to see the importance of toxicity and nutrient deficiency in symptom development. This led me to Intravenous Nutrient Therapy (IVNT), and I was fortunate enough to train with one of the UK’s top experts in the field, Dr. Jacques Otto. IVNT in this country is usually used in Aesthetic Medicine, but I was interested in its use for tissue regeneration purposes, for health improvement. To this end, I created the ‘Ultimate detox and Nutrient replenishment programme’, a 6-week programme to detoxify from heavy metal toxins and replenish the full complement of essential nutrients. As it is intravenous, it is the most direct route possible, and plasma levels of these nutrients can reach 8 x the level that can be achieved through high dose oral supplementation. People can normally see and feel significant results even after just one session. 

More recently I have introduced the German technology of ‘Plasmolifting’ to my practice. Plasmolifting is a tissue-regeneration therapy that utilises your own body’s plasma to restore health at a cellular level. Plasma contains the perfect complement of growth factors, speciific to your individual body’s needs, and whose job it is to prevent cellular damage, cellular mutation, and to create healthy cells. A simple blood sample is taken, the blood is then spun to separate the plasma, which is immediately injected into the problem site. This ignites an instant and rapid healing process, as the growth factors are released directly to the site that requires healing. Essentially, this is just a highly concentrated, ‘boosted’ version of what already occurs in the body. A remarkably effective natural therapy that uses only the body’s pre-existing innate intelligence, with a helping hand from modern science.

Orassy Health

As the resident doctor at Orassy Health, I am fortunate enough to work with an incredible team of top therapists, and scientific researchers. Together we have developed an entirely new approach to what we call ‘Mind Health’ conditions, in addition to offering a comprehensive assessement and therapeutics platform to address all health conditions naturally. (‘Mental Health’ refers to mental processes, i.e. thoughts. ‘Mind Health’ encompasses mental processes, but also the emotions, which are the physical response to thoughts. In addiiton it refers to the interplay between both of these, the psycho-mental and the psycho-emotional, as well as the psycho-somatic- the physical effects of these mental and emotional processes.) 

As a clinic, alongside our team of experts in the field of Natural Health and Integrative Medicine, we offer only the very best assessment and therapeutic devices, Individuals are welcome to try any one of our wide range of therapies as a stand-alone product. Alternatively, you can book in for our Orassy Wellness Assessment, which is recommended to be followed by our more in-depth Orassy Ultimate Health Programme to receive a full interpretation of your results by the doctor. This includes personalised recommendations by the doctor, as well as furthering your process toward recovery through therapies, classes, and private sessions. Once you have been through these stages, the most comprehensive programme is offered, our Orassy Integrative Medicine Programme. Here you will have regular follow-ups with the doctor, as you embark on a 3-month, 6-month, 12-month, or 2 year health and wellness urban retreat programme, specifically tailored to your individual health and life needs.

The Orassy Centre is a multi-functional centre with several ‘arms’ to it to include Orassy Health, Self-development, Academy, and Research. It was founded in 2008 by director Konstantin Pavlidis. It is situated just opposite Canary Wharf, in Poplar.


“I was first drawn to Anna because of her background as a medical/allopathic/conventional doctor but also her strong focus and wealth of experience in many forms of holistic/complementary medicine. Aside from being just about one of the most warm and compassionate people you could wish to meet, Anna was the first person to introduce me to the idea of the physical body, mind and spirit as a single entity. In doing so, she set me on a path that has been very healing for all aspects of my health. Over the years I’ve struggled with anxiety, OCD and Crohn’s disease and through my work with Anna I have seen great improvement in all of these areas.”

SC, London

“I had Intravenous Nutrition Therapy done with Dr. Anna and I am amazed with the results. I opted for the Ultimate Detox package which offers 3-in-1 treatments.

Within half an hour of the treatment my skin got a healthy glow which is still present over one week on and its appearance has improved overall. Throughout this week I’ve had a lot of people comment on how good I look (it doesn’t happen usually) and the way I am feeling is matching the looks 😉

My sleep became restorative and I wake up well rested and my energy levels are stable through the day.

The best and most unexpected benefit of the treatment is improvement in my eyesight!

Dr Anna is very professional and stayed with me throughout the whole process (well over an hour). I recommend her services to anyone who wishes to improve their physical health.😀👍👍”

EC, London

“Dr Anna F is a highly skilled and experienced Integrative medical doctor. She constantly researches looking into the most up to date techniques and remedial work to integrate what she shares with her clients. I can fully recommend Anna in that she walks her talk. She always tries what she is recommending 1st and applies what she shares with others through her own work (herself). She carries integrity and always looks at the best ways to assist her patients in the process. Her sessions of Plasmolifting have been extremely beneficial in alleviating hip pains and boosting energy with the IV nutrient therapies. 

I would highly recommend Dr Anna as she has a comprehensive approach to treating her patients and is constantly expanding her horizons to find more holistic ways to treat them. She is kind, caring and knowledgeable of her work and offers an excellent delivery of her service to all her patients.”

AN, London

Meet Anna

Meet other specialists:

Konstantin Pavlidis
Konstantin PavlidisFounder
Complementary Medical practitioner and Movement Master.
Science educator, meta-physicist working in the fields of wisdom traditions, therapy, traditional medicine, healing, scientific research and the movement arts.

*Traumatology, Self-Development, Spiritual Personal Guide.

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Eli Chan, MSc
Eli Chan, MScHealth Kinesiology Therapist
Graduatied as Psychologist, she uses the holistic approach addressed above issues on mental, emotional and physical levels allowing for quick and highly effective healing.

*Food and substance intolerances, skin problems, relationship, Kids Learning Difficulties, Sexual Disorders.

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Aniko Nagy
Aniko NagyTherapist, Energy Worker and Master Yoga Teacher
Zen Essence Yoga, Dance Mastery, International Okido-Yoga, Trulkor Yoga practicing and teaching for 20 years. Helps to release deep-rooted patterns and clear long-standing blockages.

*Kinesomasis, Massage, Yoga, Women’s health.

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Ann-Marie Weekes, MSc
Ann-Marie Weekes, MScEnvironment & Wellbeing Consultant
Architecture & Interior Design qualified, specialising in the relationships between environments and their affects upon the mind, body and emotions. Resolves adverse affects from the environment through various modalities.

* Interior Design for health & wellbeing, Staff Wellness Programme facilitation, Quantum Feng Shui

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