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In her work Aniko integrates the experience of traditional and alternative medicine, scientific research and the art of movement. She trained with Lama Tsultrim in Trulkor Tibetan Yoga from 2004 and subsequently became a lineage holder of this yoga system. Lama Tsultrim was a direct disciple of the late Kalu Rinpoche. Prior to that she had followed teachings in both Zen and Tibetan Buddhism where she received several initiations into self-healing and advanced meditative Vajrayana practices through Lama Gangchen Rinpoche.

Aniko specialises in  

  • Zen Essence Yoga
  • Movement Mastery
  • Kinesomasis
  • Trulkor Tibetan Yoga
  • Dance Mastery

Aniko deals with

  • Stress and Anxiety, Burn out
  • Pain 
  • Post injury recovery  
  • Mental Health
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E.
  • Women’s health
  • Children health
  • Life crysis

Aniko Nagy
Assistant Director & Teacher

Therapist, Energy Worker and Master Yoga Teacher.

Zen Essence Yoga, Dance Mastery, International Okido-Yoga, Trulkor Yoga practicing and teaching for 20 years. Helps to release deep-rooted patterns and clear long-standing blockages. 

*Kinesomasis, Massage, Yoga

  • Diploma Baby Massage Teacher Training in 2011 with ‘Hands On Babies’
  • Diploma in Hopi Ear Candling/Thermo Auricular Therapy through the Integrated Body Dynamics Academy, 8 August 2009
  • Cupping Massage, through the Integrated Body Dynamics Academy,  16 August 2009
  • ITEC  Massage/Anatomy & Physiology since Sept 1999. A CThA member since inception
  • Association of Therapeutic Healers (ATH) Full member since 1996 website
  • Yoga teacher Training in Oki Do completed in 1996

Aniko is Assistant Director, lead teacher and senior practitioner at Orassy Health Centre.

Aniko has been working as a health practitioner since the mid 1990s. She studied and trained directly under Konstantin Pavlidis , founder of Kinesomasis, Zen Essence Yoga and Dance Mastery and currently works in all of these modalities.

She is a qualified Holistic Massage Therapist, ITEC, CThA and has received certificates and training in various other healing and health modalities (Cupping, Ear candling, Facial Lymphatic Drainage, Healing). She has most recently trained and qualified in the Scenar technology and applies this Electro Neuro Peptide Therapy to her current practice for pain relief.

Aniko applies all healing modalities she has learned throughout her career when working with her clients to help them overcome their health problems and assists them to reconnect with their true self and life purpose. She is highly effective in helping to alleviate a wide range of health concerns with a particular ability for female fertility and support during pregnancy.

Aniko had a career as a professional dancer in Berlin, Germany and in the UK with dance company Unstructured Light. Her deep passion for movement led her to yoga which she been practicing for 30 years. She began teaching Zen Essence Yoga in 1996. She trained with Lama Tsultrim Jampa Gyatso in Trulkor Tibetan Yoga and subsequently became a lineage holder of this yoga system. Lama Tsultrim Jampa was a direct disciple of the late Kalu Rinpoche. In 2007 she became a certified Sivananda Yoga teacher in Reith, Austria.

She offers regular courses and workshops in yoga and meditation in corporate companies for staff at Ipsos MORI, BBC, Shell Oil, and at Orassy as well as at other venues around London. She co-teaches courses overseas with Konstantin Pavlidis on the Life Encounter Journeys and annual Cyprus Spiritual Retreats offering training in yoga, energy development and self-healing practices.

She has followed teachings in Zen and Tibetan Buddhism where she received several initiations into Self-Healing practice, healing methods and advanced meditative Vajrayana practices through Lama Gangchen Rinpoche and Lama Tsultrim Jampa Gyatso.

She has served on the board and is a full member of the Association for Therapeutic Healers (ATH).

She has received teachings and qualified in healing methods with Master Zhi Gang Sha, Western Md, Chinese medical doctor, Grandmaster healer and Chi Gung master.

She has a great passion for teaching and sharing with others through Yoga, Dance, Movement, Sound, therapies and self-development practices and continues to develop her practice and awareness in daily life in order to serve and benefit others.


“Aniko is an extremely talented and wonderful yoga teacher. I have the great opportunity to be Aniko’s student for the past 5 years and have benefited greatly from her teachings. Her unique technique makes you feel refreshed after a lesson and most certainly rejuvenated.She provides good guidance for everyone and is very patient with new beginners and experienced student alike. I cannot recommend Aniko enough and would wish everyone to benefit from her teaching one day.”

Justine Fourie, Shell Oil, London

“I suffered from acute pain during my pregnancy caused by fibroids growing in my womb. The pain was so bad that I had to be hospitalised for pain relief. Aniko came to see me at the hospital during a particularly painful episode and gave me a kinesomasis treatment. The treatment was very soothing, helping me to cope better with the pain. Over the next few weeks, I had further treatment with Aniko which helped eliminate the fibroid pain and to make me feel more energised. I also slept better and was able to thrive in the last few weeks of my pregnancy which I believe helped me to give birth to a lovely healthy baby boy. 

The treatments Aniko does is like nothing I have experienced before, I guess the only way to find out what she does is to go for a session.  Her balanced, non-judgemental ways have a major influence on how you perceive the problems in your life.”

Annelie Nel, Cape Town

Meet Aniko

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